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Here it is, Tumblr. I’ve had enough of you.

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April 9, dress shortened with a skinny belt to show leather skirt

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Yes, I would spend $320 on high heeled kicks

Just realized today I have about 1 month left at Retail Minded. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be able to be a part of this team. I’m going to enjoy every moment of this next month. The cover of the 2nd issue just released, too excited to work on anything else!

Mar 22, usually I don’t show my shoes, but today it was a necessity

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Anonymous: Hey, I was wondering how you got your job at Retail Minded! Is it an internship? Thanks.

Yes it is an internship! I had a class with the Founder of Retail Minded and asked if she needed any help with PR. That’s basically how it happened :) 

Feb 22

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Feb 21

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Thx @sarahkatryan! (Taken with instagram)

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Thx @sarahkatryan! (Taken with instagram)

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Feb 9

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So, Sarah…

This is the newest section to be in the NEW student edition of a nationally published magazine that I am fortunate enough to be apart of. SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS PLEASE! You can send them as anonymous, but please keep them student based. It’s basically a way to be able to ask another student (me) anything and everything about resumes, jobs, boyfriends, girlfriends?, homework, parties, anything. So keep those questions coming! 

My fav… Retail Minded Magazine

Interesting fact No. 1 I’m the PR Coordinator for this nationally published trade magazine called RETAIL MINDED MAGAZINE.  It’s all about retailers and wholesalers, and the boutique & small businesses they support (and who doesn’t love supporting local businesses?). It just launched within the last week. You can get a fresh copy @ http://retailminded.com/magazine/ OR take a tiny sneak peek HERE http://retailminded.com/wp-content/uploads/RetailMinded_Issue1_preview.pdf

Even just the little things blow my mind. Ex. RM Magazine is printed with soy ink. Crazy goodness.  

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So done using Tumblr like Pinterest. Expect drastic change in the near future